Casino Online Wagering Requirements

Wagering Requirements a General Look 

Understanding Online Casino Wagering Requirements

Every welcome bonus, whether a no deposit bonus, a free spins bonus, a free play bonus or any other kind of bonus, comes with a wagering requirement. This is because whenever a casino gives out a bonus, it wants players to play with that bonus, plus their own money, so they don’t just cash out what they earned in bonuses and leave, after all, a casino is not a charity. This is why with every bonus, players will find a wagering requirement, or sometimes it is referred to as betting restriction or play-through requirement, attached to it.

The wagering requirement usually comes in this form (50x). Of course, 50 is a variable that changes from one bonus to another, depending on its own terms and conditions. Taking 50x for example, it means that players will have to wager the bonus amount that they have earned fifty times before it is cleared. Being cleared means that the bonus credits will be transferred from the bonus balance to the real cash balance so players can the withdraw it. Players who decide to withdraw funds from their casino account prior to fulfilling these requirements will forfeit all of the bonus balance that they have in their account, even if it was almost cleared.

Sometimes, players will have to place bets with the amount of the bonus, which is usually referred to as 50xb, or 50x the deposit and the bonus amount, which is usually referred to as 50x (b + d).

Not all bets are counted and help fulfill the wagering requirement. This is why players should always check the terms of each bonus before claiming it. Usually, the high risk games such as Parlor Games and Slots contribute 100 percent, and the percentage goes down as you go to lower risk games such as table poker and video poker, and the least percentage is usually the blackjack games. So if the promotion terms state that Roulette contributes 50 percent, it means that only have of the bets placed at the roulette wheels will be counted, and so on.

With as many different types of bonuses that casinos offer, players will have to meet wagering requirements that are attached to specific bonuses before they can be eligible to request a withdrawal; here is some basic info about these requirements:

What is a Wagering Requirement?

Wagering requirements represent the terms that players will have to meet before being able to ask for a withdrawal. Of course, players will be able to make a withdrawal at any time to withdraw the cash they placed but if players decide to withdraw money from their account without meeting them, they will forfeit all of their bonus credit, even if they were very close to fulfilling it.

How to Fulfill the Requirements?

Players will fulfill these requirements by placing wagers on the games. For example, if the wagering requirement that is attached to a bonus is equal 20x, it means that players will have to wager the bonus credit, the deposit amount or both, a total of twenty times. Of course, different games contribute differently towards fulfilling the requirements. For example, games of luck usually contribute more than games that are not 100% based on luck, such as Blackjack and video poker.

Where to Find these Wagering Requirements?

Players who are looking forward to know the exact wagering requirements of each bonus can find it on the promotion page dedicated to the bonus in question. They will also find how much do the different games contribute towards the betting requirements.

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