Casino Online Privacy Policy

This website is very keen on the privacy of its players and their personal data.

This is why it will never force users to provide the site with any personal data, as any data that is stored by the website will be given to it willingly by its users.

Therefore, the site never saves or stores data that is not given to it directly by the users and with their consent.

The data can be provided to the website through a sign up from that the users will fill willingly as a part of the registration process so they can create an account at the website. This info usually includes their name, address, email and other information.

Additional info might be asked by the website if the users decide to purchase a product or a service, in this case, they will have to provide their banking info, credit card number and/or a billing address.

Lastly, some information might be collected by the site through regularly held poles that users will decide whether they want to take them or ignore them.

The gathered information is protected and secured on the site’s servers and it takes all of the needed precautions to ensure players the safety of this information so thieves and hackers can’t have access to it. The info will only be viewed by the site and its affiliates. They will not be sold to any third parties that are not affiliated to

The site retains all right to amend the terms of the privacy policy at any time without having to notify the users with such change.

Casino Online Privacy Policy 12/26/2014

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