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You, like many others that have found my site, are searching for winning strategies for online gambling.  What I have done here is created a site that I think will help to up your game and hopefully your winnings.  Of course, there’s never any guarantee when it comes to luck and online gambling, so always play responsibly. My online gambling strategy section is always a work in progress because as new information arrives, or new games, sometimes a strategy has to be adjusted.  That’s especially true when the strategy includes a special type of casino bonus or free spins.  So, I always try to make sure that everything on the site is current and completely up to date however, always check with the online casino that is offering a special bonus deal or welcome bonus as the casino will have the up to the minute information.

So, when I decided to make this website to make connections to fellow gamblers as well as make a few friends and help out future players, I took a look around at similar sites.  What I found was a lot of nonsensical information that served no purpose to me and probably no one else.  That’s why I want to keep the integrity of my site by providing quality information that real online casino players are looking for; and that includes me.  So I asked myself,“What do online casino players look for when picking a casino?”   Personally, I’m looking for the following in a casino:

  1. Easy Deposit Method that I am Familiar With
  2. A Long History of On-time and Fast Payments
  3. A Big Online Casino Welcome Bonus with Realistic Requirements
  4. An Active Management Staff that Offers Daily, Weekly and Monthly Promotions
  5. Free Spins, Free Cash, Casino Comps, Casino Contests, Casino Tournaments
  6. Modern Online Casino Games (Not like some of the shitty ones that have been around since the early nineties)

Casino Tricks That Worked

There was a recent report by CNBC that covered some of the ways that a few gamblers have been making a fortune by beating the casinos.  Take a look at some of the casino tricks these players where using to get millions of dollars from the casinos each year.

The casino business, is a very profitable franchise, it brings in billions of dollars each year, however, scammers still cause U.S. Casinos to lose a substantial amount of money. According to cheating expert George Joseph of World Wide Casinos Consulting, casinos lose about 10 million dollars a year. The use of technology has helped in slowing down these crafty scammers, with cameras, on every table, and security keeping eyes open for anything out of place. But even with the use of technology these thieves are still able to walk away from a Casino with a nice little pay out.

How do they pull it off? CNBC, had author of the book “The “101″ Most Asked Questions About Texas Hold’em and Poker Cheating, to compile a list of various cheating methods. Some of these methods are very popular, while others are used less frequently; however each method can result in a big pay out.

False Shuffle: In order for this scam to work, it requires for the dealer to participate. The dealer pretends to shuffle the cards, or make it appear to other players that the cards are being shuffled. However, the dealer will hold certain cards in place. The other participants in the scam are watching the whole time, so they will know when each un-shuffled card has been dealt.

The use of the shuffle method has also been used by a gang called the Tran organization, the gang raked in over 7 million dollars before they were finally caught.

Roulette Past Posting:  A common scam normally involving two people. Usually one player will distract the dealer, while the other player places both sets of chips on the winning number. That way if one player is caught the other will still walk away with the money.

Hidden Camera Baccarat Scam: In this scam the player hides a camera within his/her arm sleeves, when the cards are cut, the dealer, will slightly separate the cut card, to record the contents of the card. Another person will view the card from a camera, and tell the dealer, what is on the card, through an ear piece. This scam is more commonly used in Baccarat but may also be used in Blackjack.

Card Switching: Allows the players to hide cards up their sleeves using a special device, it allows them to hold and dispense them as they are needed.

Card Counting: Involves the use of brain power to accurately keep up with the total value of each card, this however is legal, unless a computer is used in counting cards, it than becomes illegal.

Hole Card Reading: This scam in common in games like Black Jack and Texas Hold’em, it’s when a players tries to glance at the other players cards, and uses the information to help him/her to win a game. This is considered legal until someone uses a held hand device such as a mirror, to glance at someone cards.

Dice Slide: In the dice slide, the player tries to roll the dice, in a manner that will give them better odds of winning, some even slide the dice, so that the number they have while the are still holding the dice, will not change once the dice hits the table. This scam isn’t used very often, but has reportedly won scammers a lot of money.

In 2011 Wynn, Las Vegas lost over 700,000 dollars to a gang of dice sliders.

Roulette Color Up: This one involves two participants, one player will go and buy a set of $1 colored chips, some of them he will slip into his pocket and later pass off to other participant. The other participant will buy $25 chips of the same color, when finish playing the second accomplice will cash in the $1 chips as $25 chis. Roulette Color Up causes many casinos to lose a substantial amount of money also.

Marking Cards: This scam involves marking a card and using it to ones advantage during the game. There are several different ways that one could mark a card, including bending the edge of a card, using a chip, or scratching off some ink. Sometimes the player may somehow sneak a mark card into the deck, or pick one from deck, after they are dealt.

Slot Machine Bill Validator Advice: Before modern technology the only way to pull this scam off was using tying a string to coin, and put it in a machine. Now advancements in technology have allowed scammers to use a device that tricks the Bill Validator, the validator, has prongs that are inserted within the dollar bill. When the dollar bill is inserted into the machine, it thinks the $1 bill is a $100 dollar bill.

Since casinos have become hip to this scam, many slot machines have been updated to detect, the device.

Internet Casino Withdrawal and Deposit Methods

Casino Withdrawal and Online Casino Deposits

If you are trying to select an internet casino, you will find plenty of casinos with new ones entering the scene every single month. This is why you will have to follow a certain criteria when you are choosing a casino. One of the most important aspects of this criterion is the banking options that are supported by the casino. This is because as an online player, you will certainly have to make a deposit to play and after you are done, you will need to withdraw your winnings. So you have to check the different banking options that the casino supports and see if they are suitable for you.  You also should note that some casinos accept different payment solutions for deposits and withdrawals. Before doing that, you will have to know the difference between these methods so you can select the one that is suitable with your needs. This is why we will discuss the different kinds of online banking methods, the traditional ones and the more advanced and modern ones.

Different Kinds of Casino Banking Methods

These types can be classified into 5 main categories with a number of payment solutions under each category. These categories are eWallet or Digital Online Wallets, Credit Cards, Direct Bank Transfers, Debit or Pre-Paid Cards and other methods.

1- eWallets or Digital Wallets Solutions:

An eWallet is an electronic wallet or an online wallet. This service provides online players with an online financial facility that can transfer money from and to the player’s bank or credit card and online casinos. The transfers are usually without charge or a very low charge. The main advantage of such solution is that it enables players to make deposits and ask for withdrawals to and from the online casinos without having to provide the casinos with any banking details or credit card numbers. The transactions usually take from 2-3 days to be carried out. These eWallet solutions include:

– Paypal:

It is an internet payment processing solution that is owned by e-Bay. It is known for being one of the safest and the most secure online payment processors that is perfect for eCommerce needs. Despite that, not many online casinos support Paypal. This is because according to the terms and conditions of Paypal’s policy, it does not accept payments to or from any gaming or gambling accounts unless the operator has acquired an approval from it.

– Skrill:

This is a UK based solution that was internationally known as Moneybookers. That was before Investcorp Technology Partners acquired the majority of its ownership & then rebranded it as Skrill Holdings Ltd. It is one of the commonly used payment solutions in casinos; almost every casino accepts and supports Skrill. It is also accepted worldwide as it serves more than 200 countries in 41 currencies.

– Neteller:

This option is owned by Optimal Payments Plc and it is registered in Isle of Man. It has key offices in Canada and the UK. Neteller supports nineteen currencies and it is accepted in over 180 countries around the world including Australia.

– Web Money:

It is an eWallet but it provides the service to its customers in a complex form. This is because customers maintain WM (Web Money) currencies in separate virtual money purses. The technology of Web Money identifies $US as WMZ currency that is maintained under the Z-Purse. As for the Euro is a WME currency that is kept in the E-Purse. Both purses are acceptable as a mean for depositing or withdrawing money to and from internet casinos.

– Click and Buy:

It is a eWallet service that is owned by Deutsche Telekom AG. It serves numerous countries around the world including Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom.  The users can use MasterCard, Maestro Cards, Visa to upload money to their eWallet. They can also use it to easily transfer money to the casino account and the other way around.

– Click2Pay:

It is an online wallet service that is owned by CLICK2PAY GmbH, which is a company that is operated and registered according to the German laws. This service is available for Canadian, Australian and UK players alongside other European countries.

2- Credit Cards:

This is one of the commonly used methods for making online purchases and payments. In this solution, the cardholder will use the funds that are loaned out to him by the bank or the credit card issuer. However, there are some credit cards such as MasterCard and Visa that refer to a 3rd party entity which provides users with the processing technology for the credit card transactions, as for the provider of funds, it is usually the bank.

Internet casinos accept payments that are made by Credit Cards but they do not allow players to use it to make withdrawals. Online casinos also require players to give them a lot of info regarding the credit card. Also, credit card involves extra fees because the card issuer imposes service charges and interest for the amount of money extended as a loan or credit.

– Visa Card:

It is a brand of Credit Cards provides financial solutions that are accepted in over two-hundred countries around the world. The technology that is used in this solution enabled it to process more than twenty-thousand transactions at the same time.

– MasterCard:

MasterCard was known as Master Charge but it is now rebranded as MasterCard. MasterCard provides credit card technologies to more than thirty-three million establishments around the world including franchises and banks that are spread across two-hundred countries. Its global availability of 99.9 has made it one of the most commonly used Credit Cards around the world. MasterCard also lets private individuals or entities to use monetary funds that are provided by banks or other institutions when they are paying for services or goods over the internet.

– Amex (American Express Card):

This credit card solution is operated and owned by “American Express” which is a publicly traded American company that was founded way back in 1854 and it operates more than ninety offices around the globe including Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom. These offices are responsible for handling the financial services to the cardholders in their region or country.  American Express is the direct issuer, this is why it carries its own name. It provides the funds as well as the financial transaction process.

-Discover Card:

This credit card belongs to DFSI (Discover Financial Services) which is yet another publicly traded US firm that started out as a Sears’ subsidiary. There are over four-thousand financial institutions and banks that are members of the Discover Financial Services system, which directly issues, process and provide US Discover cards. As for the UK customers, their processes and funds are handled by the Morgan Stanley Card, which is based in the UK. This is a result of the merger that occurred between the Morgan Stanley Group and DFSI back in 1999. This merger occurred in order to enhance the global coverage of DFSI. To pursue the same goal, the company also acquired the Diners Club in July of 2008. This made DFSI services available to the Diners Club users in numerous countries including Australia and Canada.

– Ezi-Pay Express:

This solution is available for Australian, Irish and New Zealand players; it is provided and owned by FelxiGroup Ltd. It offers revolving credit. This enables players to use it without having to pay any extra fees as interest. On the other hand, customers will be obligated to maintain an account for deposits which Ezi-Pay will collect payments from after fourteen days.

3- Direct Bank Transfers:

This is one of the simplest methods to make deposits or withdrawals from and to a casino that does not include high fees and charges. The transaction takes from 2 to 5 days. The downside is that the player will have to provide the casino with the details of his bank account. This enables the banking institution of the casino to send or request payments via wire transfers to the player’s bank. If the player does not want to provide the online casino with information regarding his bank account, a 3rd party processor can be used in order to manage the process. These solutions include:


This payment solution is accepted in Australia and it is widely accepted by numerous internet casinos. It  enables Australian players to deposit money from their bank to the casino and vice verse. This solution is managed and owned by Centricom Pty Ltd

– Citadel Direct:

It is one of the financial services of Citadel Commerce. It is one of the subsidiaries of ESI (Entertainment Systems Inc) which is registered in Canada with offices operating in Malta and the United Kingdom. The main method of providing internet payment solutions in the United Kingdom as well as other countries in Europe is through the network of international banks of the firm.

– Instadebit:

This service is operated and owned by Instadebit Services. It is a private company that is based in Canada, Toronto. It provides local and real time banking services to more than thirty-two countries including Australia and the United Kingdom.

4- Debit or Prepaid Cards:

In this solution, unlike credit cards, users will use their funds instead of taking credit from the bank. These funds are taken from a deposit account that users will maintain. The procedure is simple, users will have money in the deposit account and they will use the prepaid card in order to pay for goods or services or they can even withdraw funds from an ATM machine by using the money in the deposit account. This is why they call it a “Prepaid” card. According to the card issuer, some cards can be used in order to withdraw money from internet casinos.

– EcoCard:

It is a debit card that belongs to MasterCard and it is mainly used to make payments for online-based money transactions including online casinos.

– Maestro:

It is another MasterCard product that is accepted in more than thirteen million establishments that are spread across 100 countries. The UK Maestro cards were known as Switch Cards, but after the bank that issued these Switch card merged with MasterCard in 2002, they are all called Maestro Cards now.


This card can be used in any establishment that accepts Visa Cards.  Users who use EntroPay cards can withdraw funds and make deposits from and to their casino through the prepaid card account that is maintained in any bank that is affiliated with Visa.

– PaySafe:

It is a debit card solution that is dedicated to online transactions that is provided by Wertkarten AG, which is based in Austria. The company is tied with MasterCard, which allows it to process payments in Austria as well as the United Kingdom and other countries in Europe.

5- Other Methods:

The following methods process internet payments by supplying users with transaction codes that they can use in order to authorize banks to transfer money to a specific bank account. These methods include:

– UKash:

It is an internet payment system that is operated by Smart Voucher Ltd., a UK based company. Customers buy e-Money that comes in the form of transaction codes for a specific amount of money. They will then use these codes through UKash in order to pay for online purchases. It also works with online casinos, as players will use these codes in order to make deposits to their online casino account.

– Bitcoin (BTC):

It is also known as BTC, which is a virtual online currency that is accepted as a payment form to pay for goods or services over the internet. BTC traders as well as online banks purchase and sell this virtual currency through BTC account that are maintained at their own website. Any online player who wants to make a deposit will request a transaction code from a BTC trader that he can use in order to make a fund transfer to the internet casino.


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