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Disabling/Enabling Cookies:

Cookies are used for a variety of purposes, but unfortunately, there aren’t any options that would disable these cookies without causing the complete shutdown of the features and the functionalities that they add to the site. This is why recommends its users not to disable the cookies, especially if they are not sure whether they need them or no. Regardless, users can disable them at their browser’s options if they want.

The Usage of Cookies:

Whenever a user creates an account at the site, we use the cookies in order to manage the process of the signup. Most of these cookies will be deleted as soon as the user logs out, but in some cases, they might not be deleted to the site can remember the preferences that the users have chosen while browsing the site.

The site also has an email subscription/newsletter service, and we utilize cookies so we can remember if you have already registered to such service or not.

Third Party Cookies:

In certain cases, the website utilizes cookies that are provided to it by a trusted 3rd party. One of the most trusted and commonly used ones are Google Analytics, which is an analytic solution that aids the website in the process of understanding how each user uses the site so we can enhance and create an experience that caters to their every need. It also helps the site in tracking how long do users spend on the site and which pages they visit regularly so we can keep providing and producing engaging content.

Another use of cookies is when the site is testing new features or whenever it is making any changes to how the site is perceived by its users. During the testing phase, the site uses cookies in order to understand which changes were appreciated by the users so the site can keep providing its users with a consistent experience.

Lastly, we have plenty of partners that advertise for our website and using affiliate tracking cookies allows the site to see if the customers that are coming to the site are from these partners so they can get their credit for it, as well as provide these users with any bonuses according to the affiliate’s offer.

This is why it is always recommended not to disable the cookies as they help the site in helping the users and providing them with an experience that caters to their needs and preferences.

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